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  1. Cressi Pro Light

    Cressi Pro Light

    Regular Price: €40.50

    Спец Цена: €27.50

    A highly advanced design for this fin that is moulded from two materials with very different characteristics: a strong polypropylene for the blade and soft elastomers (thermo rubber) for the foot and protective inserts. Learn More
  2. Scorpena B jacket + long john, 5 mm

    Scorpena B jacket + long john, 5 mm

    Regular Price: €185.00

    Спец Цена: €129.50

    Scorpena B jacket + long john, 5 mm Learn More
  3. i300 Blue

    i300 Blue

    Regular Price: €255.00

    Спец Цена: €205.00

    The i300’s uncomplicated, effortless approach and rugged design defines its place in the dive world. Learn More
  4. GP100 Fins

    GP100 Fins

    Regular Price: €95.00

    Спец Цена: €45.00

    The GP 100 fin boasts an extremely attractive design with technical characteristics of the engineering and material that guarantee excellence in terms of performance. The entire fin is lined in elastomer to prevent wear and abrasions, the blade is equipped with an insert in a third type of material, capable of optimising thrust without stiffening the stroke, the ample stabilizers improve the channeling effect of the fluids, and all this is further enhanced by a comfortable and roomy shoe in thermoplasticelastomer. Learn More
  5. Talon Fins

    Talon Fins

    Regular Price: €57.00

    Спец Цена: €32.00

    Side rails improve stability, eliminating ankle-twisting Anatomic foot pocket transmits more power to the blade Open heel foot pocket The pair will pack up 4.5" thick in a dive bag Weight: 3.75lbs-4.5lbs Blade measurements: 9" wide by 24"-27" long Learn More
  6. Beuchat Mundial Elaskin Gloves

    Beuchat Mundial Elaskin Gloves

    Regular Price: €26.00

    Спец Цена: €15.00

    • 2mm Preshaped gloves • Palm made with polyurethan picots • Elaskin neopren (very flexible) • Open cell Learn More
  7. Beuchat Voyager Evolution

    Beuchat Voyager Evolution

    Regular Price: €174.00

    Спец Цена: €130.00

    Z+ algorithm with "No deco" limits based on Buhlmann ZHL-16C algorithm. • Number of compartments: 16 (of 5 at 480 min.) • Maximum depth: 60 m (dives with air) and 120 m (depth gauge/stopwatch) • Ascent rate: 18 m/min from the max depth at 18 m, and 9 m/min from 18 m to the surface • Depth of the decompression stops: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 meters • Decompression management: full saturation and de-saturation • % O2 - Air / Nitrox : from 21% to 50% O2 (in increments of 1%) • Default PPO2: adjustable from 1.2 to 1.6 (in increments of 0.1) • Backlighting • Memory capacity: 24 dives • Battery: 3.6 V CR2450 lithium / user replaceable • Battery life: up to 300 one-hour dives Learn More
  8. Dry Backpack Blue 60/80 L

    Dry Backpack Blue 60/80 L

    Regular Price: €60.00

    Спец Цена: €35.00

    Spacious equipment backpack. It houses a a complete apnea set, long fins included. Completely watertight. Made of sturdy PVC Tarpaulin. Rolling closing and watertight joints. Equipped with padded shoulder and removable straps, can be carried by hand or shoulder. Capacity 60/80 liters Learn More
  9. Airflex Dry-Black

    Airflex Dry-Black

    Regular Price: €25.00

    Спец Цена: €16.00

    EASY FLOW SYSTEM: EXCLUSIVE BEUCHAT INNOVATION TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS > Internal water channelling > Interior tubing of mouthpiece more fluid to avoid impeding evacuation of water > Slight rim on the upper part of the mouthpiece prevents any remaining water entering the airfl ow after expulsion Learn More
  10. AIRXII


    Regular Price: €195.00

    Спец Цена: €120.00

    Pneumatic gun equipped with AIRbalete handle, 38 mm barrel and 12 mm inner tube. Very powerful but easy to maneuver. Mini Inox tip, 7 mm threaded shaft and air gun pump provided with series. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 49 total

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