Speartip "TYPHOON", bullet, double-barbed 40Х13 HRC 48-50. 0033

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Speartip "TYPHOON", bullet, double-barbed 40Х13 HRC 48-50. 0033
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Tip length 100 mm, double barbed. Tips are made of corrosion-resistant steel 40x13. Hardened in salt baths followed by tempering. Hardness by HRC 48-50. Heat treatment gives a cutting edge features to keep grinding, and allows the body of the tip to withstand heavy loads in bending and breaking. Tempering removes the voltage from the metal, eliminating the excessive fragility. Landing on the body of the harpoon (9mm) offloads the threaded connection. Maximum penetration is reached by the optimum angle of attack. The barbs have the original form. Not slamming even at contact with the bottom. Guaranteed to be opened when inside the fish. A dense contact of barbs, symmetrical to the axis of the tip allows shooting at long distances without a risk of shaft slip.
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Дополнительная информация

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